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Britney Takes On Beyonce In The Korean Pop Charts

Their record label, Sony Music Entertainment Korea, said recently that after the publicity for their album, Britney Spears has won the hearts of fans that most Korean Beyonce by a slight margin. S. Both stars are 28 years. Spears debuted in 1999; Beyonce debuted in Destinys Child one year before. When Britney Spear pop divas and Beyonce has released his latest album in November and December, respectively, Korean media and music critics by focusing on their similarities and how they would fare alleged rivalry popularity ratings, and the album sales chart rankings. Today are among the biggest names on the U. Pop scene, with results in music, movies and businesses.
6.2.09 09:19

Tom Cruise Is Shot Down By Lady Gowrie

Although Jonathan Ross has described the plaintiff as an expert on the Second World War when he admitted that the cruise was interviewed Friday Night With Jonathan Ros that hadn t known about the assassination plot was first approached to star in the film. It about entertainment rather than history. Franz von Stauffenberg, a descendant, said Cruise is too rigid and small to play the role of von Stauffenberg. I m sure it is fun, but that is the point. Gowrie fitness showed a strong defender of Fritz-Dietlof Von Der Schulenburg. If you are really serious about discovering what has happened, then a film is not Hollywood t obviously should be the medium itself, says the wife of former Tory Minister Lord Gowrie. In 2005, he insisted that Sir Antony Sher an erratum slip in his book, Prime Time said after his father was in the Waffen-SS.
6.2.09 09:19

Meet The New Teams On Quot The Amazing Race Quot

Most of the competitors on The Amazing Race must address the language barrier during their trip around the world. As the reality of the series first deaf competitor, Luke Adams had twice the effort. The 22-year-old recent college grad Margie and her mother are among the 11 teams of two people for the race to $ 1 million prize in next season 14th..
6.2.09 09:18

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles

At a media event last month, the Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly has tried to quell concerns by explaining that he hoped association Dollhouse with Terminator on Friday to create a new X Files night appointment TV. We have been inserted so far, and when Joss has decided to scrap the pilot, we started to wonder: What have we done wrong? Not that t get? Production designer Stuart Blatt said. But the chances are sometimes very refreshing.
6.2.09 09:18

Hail The Next Tiger Woods

Rory McIlroy set himself for the role when he won the European Tours Dubai Desert Classic today by one shot on Justin Rose. Woods great friend Mark O Meara, Masters And British Open champion in 1998, said he is ahead of McIlroy Woods was as if the same age. L teenager colleagues Northern Ireland professionals Darren Clarke he could win any tournament, which includes major. Hail, the Next Tiger Wood, or at least the last golfer touted as the player to challenge the world best. He only 19, but so what? Colin Montgomerie said McIlroy is a superstar for the realization.
6.2.09 09:18


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